Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eating your Daylilies...

Did you know that daylilies are actually higher in protein and Vitamin C than most of the vegetables we eat?

"While most flower gardeners are familiar with daylilies, few know that practically every part of the daylily is edible. Some common ways of eating daylilies include adding fresh buds and blossoms to salads, as well as battering and frying them like squash blossoms. Dried daylily petals, called "golden needles" by the Chinese, are an ingredient in many Chinese recipes, including hot-and-sour soup."

The 6th grade girls' class taste-tested some today. Cailey Cole remarked, "It taste like a crisp lettuce with a sauteed onion aftertaste".

"Daylilies are adaptable, vigorous perennials that thrive in the garden, even when neglected. They are easy to establish and multiply quickly. They are virtually pest- and disease-free. They even taste good!"