Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Bounty

Look what I found!

Sweet & delicious~

I ate a grape tomato off the vine today...

It's mid-July, and Ms. Polly and I just returned from the "Edible Schoolyard Academy" out in California a few days ago, where we were the guests of the most gracious founder of the Edible Schoolyard, Ms. Alice Waters. We acquired some fantastic new ideas for the upcoming year, along with a bit of rest, which we definitely needed.

There's 2 weeks before the faculty returns to school and a month before the children begin again. Today I rode my bicycle out to the school (about 6 miles) to see how the young fruit trees have fared in this summer heat. Good news...they all look healthy!

I ate a fresh tomato off the vine and found 2 ripe watermelons! A huge thank you to Mr. Dean and Mr. Podgie for cutting grass around the garden this summer~ I hope you've had some treats from the garden as well.
We are eager to get in there and shape up the garden for a new season....
See you soon!