Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Donations + Volunteers

Here's a BIG thank you to State Representative Robert Johnson!!!
He bought us a much needed mulching mower. This will help us shred dried leaves for mulch, and also harvest grass clippings to add nitrogen to our compost.
Mr. Johnson was here at the garden to kick-off our
"Time for Lunch" campaign on Labor Day when we spoke about the importance of healthy food options for kids at school.
This is also a great time to say THANK YOU to our parents, family, friends and community for donating materials and time to build this precious potting shed/ outdoor classroom! Now we have a locked shed to store all our tools and a shady place to gather and chat before class. With gratitude!

For anyone wanting to volunteer in the garden, Tuesday are volunteer work days for Ms. Paige. Please consider coming to work in our garden and lunch with me under the trees. Service organizations are welcome. If you want to confirm a time, email me-
See you in the garden!