Monday, March 22, 2010

If they grow it... they will taste it!

Studies show that if a child participates in the growing and/or preparing of a food, he/she will be more likely to taste it.
I'm happy to report that is definitely the case here at APCS Edible Schoolyard! Everything here is organic, of course, which is so important when you are growing food for children.
Last week, our kindergarten class tasted broccoli, lemon balm, & lettuce. The 4th grade class tasted radish greens. Our 7th graders tasted lemon thyme & carrots- and remarked how fresh they tasted. Of course, we had just pulled them out of the ground minutes earlier!
Our first "crop" of shallots was harvested last week and some were prepared by Chef Joe Truex on Tuesday at the festival. He was surprised and inspired by the children coming back for more sauteed greens...bon appetit!