Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Farm to School...what a cycle!

top photo- 7th grade boys spread organic goat manure on a hugelkultur.
middle- 4th grader Reed feeds a baby goat.
bottom- Students Zelia & Dylan with the owners of Wes-Mar Farms, West & Marguerite Constantine at their Thursday Dairy Market in Moreauville.

Wes-Mar Farms has been a wonderful partner to our Edible Schoolyard! Not only do they give us a free weekly supply of organic goat manure for out composting process, they recently donated 10 native pecan trees.
They participated in our spring garden festival a few weeks ago, and we set up a baby goat pen for the "kids to pet the kids".

If you love goat cheese, milk or even goat's milk soap like we do, visit their weekly market in Moreauville on Thursdays...and tell them you're a friend of the APCS Edible Schoolyard!